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TTGM-7 Flush Joint

Specification: 2-3/8 In ~ 13-3/8 In


Threaded joint:

Non-API standard deflected trapezoidal thread is adopted with high-strength connection. Processed on the medium –or thick- walled casing, thread gages can be used directly to detect and test various parameters of the thread.

Hermetically-sealed structure:

Conical surface – Conical surface metal seal ensures the seal surface to have sufficient contact width and reasonable contact pressure. Metal – Metal seal system guarantees the excellent air-tight capability under the composite load.  The good tightness still can be met after multiple makeups and breakouts.  Sealed surface geometric parameters can guarantee its excellent property of anti-gluing.

Torque ledge:

The torque ledge provides the precise screwed position, and reinforces metal - sealing capability for metal seal surface. 

Inner hole:

Inner and outer surfaces are really flush to provide the maximum clearance.

Joint low stress design:

It can ensure the joint to be safe and reliable under the corrosive environment.

  • Straight connection without coupling to maximize annular clearance;

  • Joint connection efficiency can achieve 50% -60% of pipe strength;

  • Really flush inner and outer surfaces;

  • Processed on the medium and thick walled casing.

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