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TT Series Oil Well Pipe

  • TT Series H2S anti-corrosion oil well pipe

TT series H2S anti-corrosion oil well pipe adopted improved Cr-Mo steel. By increasing the purity of steel, spheroidizing the inclusions and controlling of the precise heat treatment, the material have excellent performance on sulfide stress cracking (SSC) resistance.


  • TT Series CO2 anti-corrosion oil well pipe


After research cooperating with Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., Ltd, our company has also made a great breakthrough in the development of high alloy anti-corrosion oil well pipe which consists of 9Cr, 13Cr, super 13Cr etc. Our company can bulk supply and our products have been exported to foreign countries.


  • TT Series high alloy content anti-corrosion oil well pipe


Our company developed the TT series alloy oil pipes with great H2S-CO2-Cl corrosion resistance. These pipes have high alloy content, such as Cr, Ni, Mo etc, they have good comprehensive properties in high temperature and high corrosive environment.

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