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  • Pup Joints: Pipes used to accomplish exact depth readings in a well, for any given purpose (e.g.,. setting valves, packers, nipples, circulating sleeves, etc.).  We supply pup joints in lengths from 2 to 12 feet as well as Heavy Wall Drill Pipe pup joints (HWDP).

  • Couplings: Connectors that contain two box ends and serve the purpose of joining two lengths of threaded pipes.

  • Crossovers: Sub-assemblies used in drilling operations where it is necessary to introduce a change in the size of the tube or connection type.

  • Blast joints: Short heavy walled tubing whose function is to act as a sacrifice element.

  • Nipples: Short-length accessories used in tubular strings for passing from one connection type to a different one.

  • Flow couplings and flow collars: Short heavy walled pipe that acts as a sacrifice element.

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