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Specification: 2-3/8 In ~ 13-3/8 In

TTGM-3 is a multi-purpose oil pipe and casing joint, suitable for oil pipes and casings of middle and deep depth wells and gas wells, with the excellent air-tightness.

Sales Performance:

7”, 9-5/8”, and 13-3/8” steel grade P110, among TTGM-3 products, have been accumulatively sold 2500 tons in total, and exported to Nigeria.


TTGM-3 Special Thread Profile:

  • Metal – Metal sealing   

  • Negative angle torque ledge Flush inner holes

  • Coupling design Low joint stress design

  • Low joint stress design. Guarantee that joint is safe and reliable under the corrosive environment.


      Outstanding features:

  1. Excellent tightness performance under the composite load;

  2. Easy butt joint, and simple and convenient operation;

  3. Joint with good anti-gluing property;

  4. Easy repair.


Thread joint:

Thread pitch: 5P/Inch, conical degree 1:16 improved Buttress Thread with strong joint strength.  API thread gages can be used directly to detect and test various parameters of the thread part. Improved trapezoidal end can lower the possibility of thread gluing, and eliminate the adverse effect arising from plugged pipe dope after screwed.


Hermetically-sealed structure:

Conical surface – Conical surface metal seal. Ensure the seal surface to have sufficient contact width and reasonable contact pressure. Metal – Metal seal system guarantees the excellent air-tight capability under the composite load.  The good tightness still can be met after multiple makeups and breakouts.  Sealed surface geometric parameters can guarantee its excellent property of anti-gluing.


Torque ledge:

The negative angle torque ledge provides the precise screwed position. “Wedge effect” of the negative angle ledge and sealing surface structure reinforces the sealing capability for metal sealing surface. The selection of the best negative angle design can overcome the adverse composite load (compression + external pressure, bending + compression).


Inner hole:

Streamlined inner hole can reduce the turbulence and energy loss during high-speed air flow.


Coupling design:

Joint efficiency is more than 100%, and coupling dangerous sectional area is larger than pipe dangerous sectional area. Coupling covers the thread disappeared from the pipe to further boost the joint strength.

Joint low stress design:

It can ensure the joint to be safe and reliable under the corrosive environment.

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