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1994          Tianjin Tubular Goods Machining Co., Ltd. (TTGM) was founded.

1998          TTGM was certified by ISO 9001.

2002          Certificate of Authority to use Official API Monogram was granted to TTGM.

2006          TTGM International (USA) Inc. was founded.

2007          TTGM Russia branch office was founded.

2008          Tianjin Dehua Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded.

                   TTGM became one of the leading OCTG manufacturers in China.     

2009          TTGM Dubai branch office was founded.

2011          TTGM Colombia branch office was founded.

2013          TTGM Nigeria branch office was founded.

2014          TTGM PETROLEUM S.A. was founded in Ecuador.

                   TTGM was certified by Cal IV and received more than 20 patents.

2015          TTGM established partnership with TSG (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

2021          PETROSERV SUPPLY, LLC was founded.

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